Rules I convey for myself that limit my life thoughts, aspirations, and decisions. I’ve noticed too many of them lately.

Let me explain:

These are habits I developed. Habits of thought that make me consider A or B easily. It’s getting darker when these habits are not seen as objective thoughts but as facts. obligations of reality. In addition - they’re forgotten. I don’t notice them anymore so often. They’re getting deeper in my subconscious over time.

I notice it when I hear a stream of thoughts from an outsider and think - how didn’t I consider it? 

I get upset when it comes to topics I consider important and discover that I’ve been and am blind.

A man-in-the-middle attack [1] is similar. When everything seems right, but your utmost and principal codes are hijacked in plain sight by others, and routed by them. I’ve been carrying a mask unknowingly.

I l like to think of myself as an aspiring free man, who adores the feeling of living by his moral code. So I have a problem with this malware inside me.

I hate rules.

[1] in computing and networking - ‘man in the middle” is a concept and an attack that obtains control of the networking between 2 sides, listens to it, and routes it as the attacker wishes. The attacker can make you think you entered eBay, but you entered a fishing site.


Life is definitely funny. One moment I was coding full-time and bathing naked in a forest in rural Italy and now I'm holding a gun in Israeli defense forces.
But confusion I sometimes feel, I'm grateful, for the owner to defend my fellow man, who's been pursued for so long time.
I do feel torn a bit, for there are 2 lifestyles I wish to live, but they're distant from one another. I prioritize one. That means that this port will be quieter, unfortunately.
I will keep doing projects, learning, and improving alongside updating, as much as possible.

Ok sorry

I was off writing for some weeks.

I’ve been to an adventure in Italy for 3 weeks! It was truly magical.

But now I want to start write again, and get back to work hard. I just found out

It’s a truly great website and I like it!

At first, I was pretty bummed about my work, but there’s no sense in comparison. I’ll try to make mongoled work, as a platform for history with thousands upon thousands of data points.

If I won’t get it, that’s perfectly fine. This is the goal: Iterating quickly. For if something doesn’t work, there’s another one tomorrow.

I think I might have missed out on that in the past few weeks. 

I’ll give it until Saturday evening.

Backing off

 After launch, I let myself off the hook.

My mistake. I was dragged with it and ended up doing nothing. I want to scale it, and I need not stop for it. It did taught me I should stay alert and continue to be resourceful even when I’m confused.

Its a new week, new opportunities. It’s up to me.

Not perfect

Today I launched Mongoled!

Project summary | Project link

The first thought I had was one of relief and one of: "Man, this is not what I wanted...".

But - It is out there! Thats the most important. Now I can recieve feedbacks, And make it more valueable. It has a lot of flaws, but I'm quite happy with how it looks right now. I can honestly get up, have a scroll, find a moment, and dive into it. It's quite nice. 

It may took some time, but I learned a ton, and am going to make use of the lessons. 

Build slow

I've been working on "mongoled" for some time now. It is simply a tool I thought would be nice to use. Plus, I thought it could make history more fun and engaging.


It took me a month. Looking back, it has no sense. For 2 weeks straight I was thinking: "Today I'll release it!"
But, I was running into more and more issues that needed fixing. Some of them I couldn't forsee, and that's ok. But some of them were my fault.

I wasn't focused, and added all sorts of things to my "Needs to get done" list. That was a mistake. What I should have done is make a list of things I should do, make sure it includes only the essentials, and then do not do nothing but whats on the listm unless it absolutely kees me from moving on.

If I had cut the time In half, I would have learned more - from feedbacks and real world issues.