Build slow

I've been working on "mongoled" for some time now. It is simply a tool I thought would be nice to use. Plus, I thought it could make history more fun and engaging.


It took me a month. Looking back, it has no sense. For 2 weeks straight I was thinking: "Today I'll release it!"
But, I was running into more and more issues that needed fixing. Some of them I couldn't forsee, and that's ok. But some of them were my fault.

I wasn't focused, and added all sorts of things to my "Needs to get done" list. That was a mistake. What I should have done is make a list of things I should do, make sure it includes only the essentials, and then do not do nothing but whats on the listm unless it absolutely kees me from moving on.

If I had cut the time In half, I would have learned more - from feedbacks and real world issues.